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Make sure that the temperature of your heating pad is regularly reviewed as this will keep its effectiveness and minimize any incidents.

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The Whizzinator gained widespread media coverage when it was found in the luggage of former Minnesota Vikings player Onterrio Smith. It is an artificial penis which can help individuals pass urine drug tests.

Made by a California-based company, this suit features leg straps and waistband to secure it to the body, along with organic heating pads to maintain an accurate body temperature.


The Whizzinator is a urine substitution device that helps users pass drug tests. It works by providing synthetic or clean urine at body temperature - ideal for passing drug tests! In addition, its versatility also makes it ideal for pranking friends or playing jokes on strangers.

This device is easy to use and comes equipped with everything needed, including fake pee in a sack, heating pads, false penis and instructions for proper functioning. Users should read and follow all instructions closely so as to ensure a successful experience using this product.

The Whizzinator features a touch-sensitive internal pinch valve to make controlling fake urine flow simpler, and discreet. It was also designed to mimic male anatomy for added authenticity, with temperature control to maintain this appearance. Furthermore, this device can easily fit underneath clothing for effortless testing - perfect for passing an urine test without being noticed!

WHIZZINATOR Belt and pad

The Whizzinator is an innovative device created to help individuals pass urine drug tests. It first made headlines in the United States when former Minnesota Vikings running back Onterrio Smith used it while on probation with ALS of California to bypass tests during probation. Comprised of powdered synthetic urine, syringe, heating pads for temperature regulation of fluid temperature, fake penis and leg straps it has received praise for realism, ease of use and price concerns from customers; its manufacturer claims the device provides customers with synthetic urine from alternative Lifestyle Systems of California as well. Nonetheless, many users reported steep learning curves as well as price concerns regarding price issues with many users not feeling secure enough with regards to use.

Follow manufacturer instructions carefully in order to avoid detection. Users should prepare urine two hours prior to being tested, attach a heating pad, wear realistic straps and produce their sample confidently before turning it over to the lab specialist. In order to highlight user responsibility ALS offers a 14-day return policy which highlights potential legal consequences as well as user responsibility outlined within their instructions.


The Whizzinator is a product designed to assist people in passing urine drug tests, making it popular in countries like the US where some states legalize marijuana while employers maintain rigorous drug testing policies. As it offers discreet solutions and comes in various colors for convenience and skin types, ALS provides a 14-day return policy for any products not used as well as support services for its users.

This kit includes dried urine, a syringe, heating pads, and a fake penis with leg straps. Powdered Human Urine is mixed with water to produce synthetic urine; while the syringe is used to inject this SYNTHETIC URINE directly into a fake penis. Heating pads ensure it remains at body temperature.

The Whizzinator is easy and effective, yet it must be used with caution as any discovery by lab personnel could have serious repercussions. If that should occur, serious consequences could ensue. One can visit the site to get complete insights about SYNTHETIC PEE.


The WHIZZINATOR Touch artificial urine device is used by those hoping to pass drug tests easily and comfortably. With an easy user interface and comprehensive instructions manual that addresses most issues quickly and discreetly. Plus its realistic look can easily pass without being noticed - although its price may be more expensive than competing detox products.

Robert Catalano and Gerald Wills, the makers of the Whizzinator, were found guilty of conspiracy to defraud the government in 2010. Puck Technology Inc was later liquidated; however, the device remains for sale online through Alternate Lifestyles Systems which sells it both for training purposes as well as work needs.