What finger do I wear the promise ring on?

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What is the definition of a promise ring?

Couple Promise Rings Set can be a symbol of a contract between two people such as their parents, God. The promise ring has traditionally been an expression of love and affection. It is a proposal or engagement ring between a loving couple. The promise ring may be an indication of the couple's contract of purity or abstinence. Instead of couples exchanging the promise ring parents have presented the promise ring to their children to act as a symbol of abstinence and purity until they get married. Some people have used the promise ring to represent their faith or a covenant they (as together as a couple) signed with God. Regardless of intent the promise ring is a very personal symbol of their honor to their love and commitment.

 It is up to the individual to wear their promise rings. Promise rings are worn either on either the left or right hand, and occasionally on a chain, harkening back to the times when girls used to wear their boyfriend's class ring in a chain as it was too big for them to wear it by themselves. The reason girls decide to wear their ring on their right hand is that they are saving their left hand to hold the engagement ring. If you decide to wear the ring with the left hand, it can be placed on your middle finger. However, if they choose to wear it on their ring finger they'll move the ring that they promise to right hand once they have been engaged. Most people agree that finger rings should not be used to create friendships.
 What's the difference between a promise ring and an engagement ring?
 Though the most obvious reason could be the size of the diamond within the engagement ring, a promise band is not an engagement ring. It does not have the same significance. Couples who wear a promise ring or engagement ring take their relationship seriously, and it becomes a sign of what they stand for. Rings representing engagement represent the union which is moving on to the next level, which is marriage and maybe starting a family. The promise ring is a symbol than a symbol of being present with a possibility of a future. The promise ring acts as an stepping stone to the wedding ring. Couples have made promises to one another could have a promise to each other that will see them through college or high school but not looking at anything other than attempting self-development while maintaining an intimate relationship.
 Promise rings for couples
 A few couples choose matching promise rings, where the rings may be a heart or at least have a similar design. Couples selecting their vow rings together can add emotional meaning that reinforces their meaning behind the promise rings. Rings for promise of couples typically are similar in some way. They may share patterns or designs. The symbolism of each rings is more important than the design or pattern inside the ring.
 Rings of promise for women
 Promise rings for women are usually more narrow and have simple, central stones. These rings differ from other fashion jewelry. These rings are more subtle than the more gaudy or dazzling jewelry with matching earrings or necklaces. Women's promise rings go beyond than just a piece jewellery. They are personal declarations that will last forever.
 Promise rings for girlfriend
 Promise rings for girls tend to have more symbolism within the ring based on their age. Heart-shaped promise rings are the most well-known, and often have a colored gemstone or diamond. Another popular design is the love knot that has interspersed lines that form an elongated knot on the top of the ring. The design could be adorned with diamonds or gemstones.
 Beautiful and the best promise rings
 The most effective promise rings provide a statement that is easy and not extravagant. A promise ring can be extremely personal and doesn't need to make an announcement before the world. Some of the finest promise rings come with thin bands, with a stunning and modest center stone. The center stone may be in any shape, or even surrounded by diamonds.
 Create your own promise rings
 Be simple if you're going to create your own promise rings. Promise rings may include a small diamond in the center, or a stunning colored gemstone, such as a birthstone. It is important to make it as simple as possible. You can incorporate patterns such as the infinity or heart symbol and place the diamond or gemstone at the center. An excellent idea is to include both of your birthstones in the design. Engravings are great, but engraving on the inside takes less away from the main stone.